Wideband amplifier SPA2-18

Wideband amplifier SPA2-18 is designed for amplification of intermediate-power microwave signal of wide frequency range (0.5 … 18 GHz).

Main features of SPA2-18 are high gain and good gain flatness through the frequency band, excellent input and output matches, low DC power consumption.

Wideband amplifier SPA2-18 circuit



  • Telecommunication
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Research laboratory
  • Radars and electronic warfare

  • Features
    Frequency range0.5 … 18 GHz
    Gain> 20 dB
    VSWR input< 2.80
    VSWR output< 3.50
    Power supply-7 V
    +8 V
    Current20 mA
    400 mA
    Power consumption < 3 W
    RF connectorSMA
    Dimensions40 x 53.9 x 12.3 mm

    Input VSWR

    Output VSWR

    Gain vs Input power

    Gain vs Frequency

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