Phase analyzer SPH-20
Phase analyzer SPH-20

USB, SPI, LAN, LXI-compatible
SCPI support

Price: $7800

Phase analyzer is designed to measure the phase characteristics of active and passive RF and microwave devices.
The product provides the control and measurement of parameters of microwave transistors, power amplifiers, phase shifters at laboratory and shop-floor conditions during the process of development, manufacturing and outgoing inspection.


  • Telecommunication
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Research laboratory

  • Features

    Frequency range0.2 ... 20 GHz
    Phase shift measurement range, deg-180° ... +180°
    Phase shift measurement error, deg± (1 + 0,1 F + 0,05 А),
    F – frequency, GHz
    А – transmission ratio, dB
    Input power10 dBm
    Power supply consumption< 300 W
    Operating temperature+5..+40°C
    Dimensions257 x 266 x 167 mm
    Weight8.2 kg
    ControlUSB, LAN, SPI, parallel