High-voltage pulse generator SPGIV-01
High-voltage pulse generator SPGIV-01

High-voltage pulse generator SPGIV-01 is designed for generation of high-voltage square-wave pulse signals with adjustable pulse amplitude, width and frequency. Pulse generator is able to carry an active or reactive load, and also features zero shift option. Pulse generator has TFT-LCD screen and external interfaces USB, Ethernet.


  • Telecommunication
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Research facilities

  • Features

    Main features
    Pulse amplitude range10 V — 1000 V
    Pulse amplitude accuracy±1 V
    Pulse amplitude increment1 V
    Zero shift (positive only)0 V - 500 V
    Pulse amplitude with zero shift< 1000 V
    Zero shift increment1 V
    Zero shift accuracy±1 V
    Pulse width range0.5 us - 1 s
    Pulse width accuracy±100 ns
    Pulse width increment 0.5 us
    Rise/fall time < 10 ns
    Pulse frequency range 1 Hz - 10000 Hz
    Pulse frequency accuracy ±1 Hz
    Pulse frequency increment 1 Hz
    Output current < 500 uA
    Power dissipation capability < 100 W
    Power supply ̴ 220V±20%, 50±2,5Hz
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    Additional information

    Technical description